Being human when stuff gets tuff

There are times when we get down, but if we take a second and remember what we want in our lives, and that we won’t live forever, then there’s really no time to wallow (too much).

Accept we are human. We feel. We have ups and downs. Sure, we want up all the time, but just like sunny weather and getting stuck in a storm, good fortune and bumping your knee, a new best friend or a road rager flipping you the birdie, much of what happens is beyond our sphere of influence.

Sooo … make some sweet goals in life, some game changing exciting future events, and surely take some simple actions that will likely make a difference. Smile and get a hug when shit hits the fan.

(And if you take a real shit, please turn on the fan and close the door dammit! You know who I’m talking to.)

Just do something, anything small, to flip lights on, to feel good about yourself, to care for you, those around you, our planet.

Awww yeahhh doggie.