I design simple but powerful websites for life coaches who want to look professional and grow their client base.

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In my web designing escapades, I’ve found these common website struggles:

1. Websites take too long to build.
2. Lots of time and money are spent on websites.
3. The content is difficult to write.
4. Websites are boring for the visitors.
5. Websites are too confusing to use.
6. You can’t update your site.
7. Websites don’t bring new leads.

And for these reasons, I’ve created a unique program to build websites that:

1. are simple with a powerful message.
2. go up fast, in 3 weeks.
3. you can learn from, grow and improve.
4. are focused on the ideal client.
5. have a smart strategy for getting leads.

Struggle with any  of those? If so, then join my group program below.

Here’s what you get in this program:

1. A professional website you’ll feel confident about.
2. Group feedback to perfect your content.
3. Short content exercises to that are simple to follow.
4. A prominent call to action to generate leads.
5. An email list to capture leads who aren’t ready yet.
6. A blog to build your expert image.
7. Training on how to update your site yourself.
8. A WordPress website you have full control over.
9. Coaching from me to guide you in the right direction.
10. We’re done in 3 weeks.
11. A website focused on your ideal client to excite them.

Check out Jenny’s site as an example.

If this sounds good to you, then join the group program now.

Here’s what coaches love about it …


I like that the exercises are in small chunks and that you give us a guide to do each piece…makes it much easier. The group feedback is really helpful. The speed that this is happening is really awesome compared with other experiences I’ve had.  The fact that you have a real knack for understanding what the design should look like even though you hardly know us…that’s really awesome too. And the site itself…I’m really pleased with it.
Oh, and by the way, the other thing I’ve really enjoyed about this process is that I have gotten TWO leads even before my website is done!  Super awesome! Thanks so much for doing this, Kenn!
Jenny Rawlings

Business Coach

I like the feedback I get from other coaches, I like the fact that you are flexible and incorporate our feedback . I like seeing what other people are doing, so it provides ideas how to improve my own work and see what I resonate with. It has been a great experience so far :)
Ania Grimone

Health Coach

I like the feedback from the other coaches, and the “exercises” you provide for us to write our copy. I also like that the sites will be in WordPress. The other thing I like is that we’re going to change to the more effective website format.
Pam Alexandra

Relationship Coach

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Join the next group in May.
I’m taking sign-ups this month, April.

This is a group website design project with me, you and two other coaches over a 3 week period. We’ll do a bunch of exercises and support each other as we go. It will take about 5-8 hours per week.

There are only 10 seats available and the fee is $1,800. This is a promotional rate and will likely go up.  

To join, please email me at kenn@coachingsitesthatwork.com. In your email, tell me: (1) your ideal client, (2) your goals for the next 6-12 months, and (3) what your websites needs are. I need to know a bit about you to ensure this is right for you. I’ll respond in a business day.


About Kenn Schroder, Life Coach Website Designer

I’ve been on computers all my life. From creating games as a tot, to programming in college, to office work as an actuary. I left my cushy, commuty, corporate job about 15 years ago to follow my passions and make a living at it. With a few twists and turns, a couple of hard lessons, my journey led me to building websites for coaches. I can work from anywhere, use my gifts, and help great people – yep, you!

Home base is Long Island, New York. When I’m not there (winters) I pack my laptop and swimwear for warmer, beachy-er destinations.

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