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Separate Realities

Separate realities. It’s a given. We’ve all got our own maps of the world. As accurate or inaccurate as it is, we have em. And a few interesting things about them. (1) Each map is unique! (2) Mine is different from yours (implied by #1) (3) They do not capture the truth of the world. […]

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Fairway Market in Westbury is Great!

Fairway Market in Westbury is Great! A great spot for laptopping, coffee or lunch, and if needed, groceries (especially if you’re paleo or a health nut) is Fairway Market (visit website) in Garden City. I noticed that they now offer free wifi in store. This wasn’t the case months earlier. It’s fast and easy to […]

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Minimal Wallet

I’m here in New Zealand now for about 2 months. One of the great things about moving abroad for a few months is cutting down to the essentials – making do with less. In a world of more products, more work, and more stuff … can you go less? I’ll take one carry-on and my […]

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