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Great Recovery-ish Meal from Fairway

Here’s a super meal from Fairway Market. Above is a bag of macadamia nuts(11.72 pricey!) and a salad (5.24 cost effective!). The good: I’ll eat a handful of nuts to keep total fat up plus get some nutrients, protein and carbs. But mainly it’s for fat energy as it’s mostly fat. It also contains potassium which is lost during sweaty exercise. Taste – the bacon bits and butternut squash are yummy. Rest of the ingredients are standard. Olives are quite salty, but good. Olives provide a natural delivery of healthy fats. As nature made them. Spinach is great for antioxidant power…

Separate Realities

Separate realities. It’s a given. We’ve all got our own maps of the world. As accurate or inaccurate as it is, we have em. And a few interesting things about them. (1) Each map is unique! (2) Mine is different from yours (implied by #1) (3) They do not capture the truth of the world. (4) Even if you had the exact map of the truth, you’d still differ from the next person. (5) Oh, key, your map wants to be right. Wants others to conform to your map. If you find yourself trying to convince others to no end….

Fairway Market in Westbury is Great!

Fairway Market in Westbury is Great! A great spot for laptopping, coffee or lunch, and if needed, groceries (especially if you’re paleo or a health nut) is Fairway Market (visit website) in Garden City. I noticed that they now offer free wifi in store. This wasn’t the case months earlier. It’s fast and easy to connect to and most likely no one else is on it as this mainly a grocery store. They have a kick-ass chopped salad bar. Lots of ingredients to put in your salad and they chop it. You can get kale base for your greens, but…

Mike asked me, What do I eat after basketball?

A friend asked me what to eat as he know’s a nutrition monkey as I try to optimize my bball game. (Yeah, he likes how I dunk at will and talk trash, knowing I drop 3s like rain ;P). My answer … which will explain quite a bit to others. A lot of the stuff I follow that has worked well isin the below links. I find my energy, libido, and mental sharpness, and hoops ability best when I follow it … it’s good and I’ve a bit to go, but I think I’ve got the formula down – which is…

One Carry-On for Four Months

I’m far from a minimal guru. I’ve seen a guy go for months with just a vest full of pockets (yes, fresh undies were tucked away on his person). But when I tell people I just take one carry-on they are surprised. What goes in it? These things:

Minimal Wallet

I’m here in New Zealand now for about 2 months. One of the great things about moving abroad for a few months is cutting down to the essentials – making do with less. In a world of more products, more work, and more stuff … can you go less? I’ll take one carry-on and my laptop and that’ll be all for four months … can even go longer. And I often don’t wear or touch much of what I bring. I bet I can easily drop down to half a carry-on. 

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